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The Problem new coffee start-ups face, is knowing who to trust. Franchises, brokers and other industry types offer advice which can only be described as narrow and one-sided at best. Instead Kickstart Coffee is on your side. A genuine fiduciary style consultancy saving you time and money, giving your business the headstart it needs.

1. Opportunity

Critical to Coffee Business Success is winning an amazing Opportunity!  Whether its cafe, kiosk or coffee van - we love to dominate. 

2. Business Plan

In a game that's won or lost in the business planning phase,-  We'll give you the big picture + stack the odds in your favour. 

3. Success & Growth

Systems, Automations and Support. We're about attracting and retaining valuable long term customers. 

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How To Know If You're Ready, To Start A Coffee Business..

Go deep with Kickstart Founder Simon O'Brien, on his 16 years worth of experience in the Coffee industry.  From working in the mines to Founder of a national coffee chain, Simon explores the pitfalls, barriers and benefits of coffee business success.


Mobile Coffee:  Pros Vs Cons

Get Intimate Access to Real Life Support, Training, Tools And Templates To Launch.  Kick-start your own Coffee Van / Mobile Cafe Business.  We can show you how.

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"If your looking to start a cafe/coffee shop then please do yourself a favour and have a chat with Kickstart Coffee Shop. It will be the single best thing you can do before you start on your new venture. I spoke with Simon a few months after trying to go it alone, i was confused and everywhere i turned all i could see was conflicting info. After contacting 'Kickstart Coffee things became much clearer and we set about creating a pathway forward. Best Decision we ever made."

Reg & Michelle James, Bay 21

"I am so excited! Finding the Right Person to give me Real direction - It's Amazing!"


"I am humbled to work with someone of such high integrity and so committed to our mutual success."

Michael Dunn

"Simon is an international Coffee Business Guru!"

Su Lwin

The Smart Alternative

This is not a coffee franchise. It's your business, your brand, with no strings attached. We don't profit from any of your decisions and that's the only advice you can trust. Discover why even the most experienced operators are coming to us for the best in design, innovation and opportunity.


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