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Founder - Simon O'Brien

Sixteen years ago I left the confines of employment with one of Australia's wealthiest mining companies - BMA.
Operating multi million dollar trucks and equipment had lost its gloss for me and i was restless!

At the time I was reading a lot, (particularly Robert Kiyosaki) and decided I had to make my own way to get ahead. I had to break the confines of employment and "charter my own ship,".

I chose the coffee industry in which to enter the business arena. Initially it was my wife's vision (Marnie) but I soon became the driving force.  She was the passionate one about good coffee and I worked hard to ensure I didn't have to return to my job.  Thankfully due to some good timing, instinct and  a deep appreciation of really good coffee and customer service - we did pretty well.
Fast forward to 2020 we have built many successful coffee businesses as well as our own national coffee chain. I can safely say the step into business has certainly changed my life for the best. Today I enjoy helping like minded people succeed in their own businesses and also find the freedom I so much enjoy in being my own boss.



  • 16 years of direct coffee and business start-up experience
  • Left job in the mines in 2004 to start a successful coffee van business in Mackay
  • Profitably sold Coffee Van Business and Mobile Coffee Run
  • Won tender as sole coffee provider to Mackay Base Hospital
  • Built Hospital Business to 25kgs per week and 9 staff
  • Won Local Government tender to provide (beach side) Food Beverage Service 
  • Grew the Business into a National Franchise chain with 9 Locations across Australia
  • Food Retailer Of The Year
  • Retailer Of The Year Specialty 
  • Developed own Private Label Coffee Blend
  • Profitably Sold Coffee Chain to a larger group
  • Became national Brand Development Manger and Area Manager for new owners
  • Commenced Kickstart Coffee Shop as a personal start-up consultant
  • Launched Start-up program in to the United States with new Clients
  • Track record of many Successful Clients in Australia and The USA


Our Process

Kickstart works a little different than others. We don't start by trying to sell you the dream and then squeeze you into a box.

We begin with a free initial strategy session and consultation to determine where your business plan is at. From there, we'll give you the honest truth about your best prospects. Only if its in your best interest will we explain exactly how we can help tailor an independent business to suit your needs. This is a proven process that covers everything from site selection / negotiation thru to launch.

We'll then work with you to select which plan will be the most beneficial for your budget, timeline, and goals. Then, we assemble your team and start implementing - best part is your totally independent, which means no royalty fees ever!

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Your Coaches

Simon O'Brien

The Business Expert.  Simon is the Founder and CEO.  A fiercely loyal advocate who knows his business and can see the forest from the trees.

Sue Kolbas

The Commercial Expert.  32 years in Real Estate. Sue brings experience and keen intuition to assist individuals into the world of entrepreneurship  

Account Managers

The Coffee Experts.  Highly trained and invested in your success.  Each Client is assigned an account manager to oversee your Coffee Business. 

Long Story Short...

This is not a franchise. It's your business, your brand, with no strings attached. Discover why even experienced coffee operators are coming to us for the best in design, innovation and opportunity.

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